computer,break-fix, desktop support, wiring, architecture, computer problems,project management,tracking projects, certifications
computer,break-fix, desktop support, wiring, architecture, computer problems,project management,tracking projects, certifications

Information technology professionals and their business customers want the same thing, to be successful. Zero-2-Hero can provide you with honest, tangible data to manage to excellence.

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Scope, Schedule & Resources have long been taught as the components of any successful IT project; True?


Let's talk about Resources:


THE ZERO-2-HERO strategy is that if the resources are excellent the other two of the big three will become good, and then better and then best.

Otherwise, why do savvy business constituents and Information Technology Professionals know that more business-technology projects succeed than fail? Further, we venture most business folks, even good ones, don't know how to correctly measure the IT-Business relationship.  Why?  The answer is simple; management generally doesn’t measure the correct information.  Are their IT Pros always too busy?  How does the IT department prioritize tasks & projects?  Does the IT department communicate well with their business customers?  Simply put, are business and IT departments working well together, or not?



If your staff were anonymously polled about IT success, how would the business rate the IT service level? Is IT good?  Is IT bad? Is IT mediocre? Is IT excellent?   These are not very good measures of a mission critical resource.  Do you agree?   The way to get the answer is easier than you think. You are simply using the WRONG measures of success and the WRONG reward systems for your resources to succeed and may have some of the wrong people on the wrong tasks.

ZERO-2-HERO IS ready to ask the right questions, to the right people to get the answers you need to succeed.  It is your business.


Our business is Your Success.

Zclock LTD, not only knows the Right questions, we know the RIGHT answers. We will show you, teach you and in return share your success.  It's not free, but we are sure you will agree It works.  You and your people will find it to be money well spent.  We want you to ask, "why didn't I think of that?"

There will be great rewards; motivated, trained and efficient staff, may even have a great deal of fun with your business again!

Unlike other industries, success and effectiveness or IT customers should be but are rarely effectively communicated by a customer or boss to an agreed upon target or even a defined bottom line result for a successful venture, is applied. Another common trait of this profession is that the IT professionals are and will continue to be judged at every encounter, with every person he or she meets (associates, friends, coworkers and business decision makers and supervisors), anywhere.  In a boardroom, a bathroom, an elevator, a lunch time discussion, or at a party.

Even the IT Pros' own self assessments are, if not properly understood can be maligned, by a single or series of events, appropriately defined or not. From the random "elevator discussion" to the multi-billion dollar project may be judged completely subjectively, even if agreed upon outcomes have been contractually documented . 

That is not good enough!

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